Posted by: francoish | April 4, 2010

Visit Cancelled!

Dear Dharma Friends,

I am sad to announce that the proposed visit of His Holiness the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje was not approved by the Government of India. The visit was scheduled to take place from 27th May to 2nd July in nine countries of Europe.

The Kagyu Office, the Administration of Gyalwang Karmapa was informed of the decision by the Tibetan Government in Exile on 3rd April 2010. The process has begun to find out why this visit was not possible and what positive conditions are needed to make the visit possible in near future.

I know a huge number of followers and friends in Europe were eagerly waiting for the visit of Gyalwang Karmapa and I know that all of you are sad and disappointed.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the organizers, volunteers and donors for working so hard to prepare for the visit in last many months. Your cooperation and support were beyond any expectations.

I hope and pray together with you that the visit will happen in very near future and that all of us would be able to receive his teachings in Europe.

Ringu Tulku,


Karmapa’s Visit to Europe



  1. I am so sad


      This is an urgent call for help! Please join me in an ambitious global campaign to free His Holiness the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa from confinement in India. Please read and sign this petition and send it to EVERYONE you know. The Karmapa needs international support now!

      We, as a unified voice can prevent further confinement of this young spiritual teacher and create the causes for his freedom. For further reference, take a look at my website. Contribute your voice and watch as we make history! For the benefit all beings!

      The Roaring Lions, Fearless Proclamation


  2. so sad! 😦

    Why ? why? Why?

  3. Very Bad News 😦

  4. It seems our positive karma still need more time for maturing, but I am sure it will mature not so far in the future!

    For the near present, why not organizing a webcast teaching through the internet, perhaps His Holiness can give teachings at a certain hour transmitting them through internet in a certain day, people who want to attend to the teaching together with other people can go to the Dharma centers, otherwise they can stay at home an following on their computer.

    I know that this is not the same as meeting His Holiness in person and having such a big tour and perhaps there cannot be transmitted wangs in this way, but I think it would be great to receive, even in this way, perhaps teachings on the four immeasurables, or on patience and so on, in order to help obstacles to be solved.

  5. This is heartbreaking news both for His Holiness and the the sentient beings who were to benifit from the visit. Personal freedom is so important it is difficult to imagin that there are governments in this world who so much control over others.
    love and devotion to all sentient beings.

  6. Bringing peace to this world definitively faces a terrible love of war!
    KARMAPA KYEN NO (Karmapa hail!)

  7. I am very concerned …
    may the future be pleasant …



  8. […] was released by the Coordinator of the Karmapa’s proposed European visit, Ringu Tulku on his website.  Dear Dharma […]

  9. Please have a firm and unwavering trust to the blessings of the Awaken ones.
    Please keep praying !

  10. Well first of all, EU needs more merit and more purity of devotion to the 17th Karmapa. Secondly, HH has been abused by the Indian gov’t in this fashion for years now (two canceled trips just last year). Now everyone knows HH’s plight. This time we should expose exactly who made the decision and and explain why they have put HH under house arrest for 9 years now. No other Tibetan refugee is treated this way. If they think HH is a criminal or a terrorist, please prosecute him ASAP. If not, please let him free to go where ever he wants. HH escaped Tibet for freedom – please let him enjoy real freedom.

  11. Why?! I just received the teaching of H.H 17th Gyalwa Karmapa on his official site last night. He mentioned that even a lineage holder may have some obstacles in his surroundings especially in current life. Now it proves! Hope all buddhas and bodhisattvas bless His Holiness to have a wonderful Dharma trip in the near future! Om ma ni be me hum!

  12. It is a very sad news but as one of our fellow Dharma friend wrote, we need more Merit and purificattion deeds. Therefore, all of us should recite “Karmapa Schen noo” mantra many in thousands.

  13. Rinpoche (Ringu Tulku), I wanted to write. I received my Bodhisattva vows from you during your visits to the Boulder Shambhala Center. I wanted to inform you, that since you empowered me with Medicine Buddha, that the situation with my health and well being has never faltered since that day. It is with deep gratitude that I thank you for your generosity. I would like to continue to be in touch with you.

    It is my aspiration to see HH Karmapa return to Boulder.

    Colin Kruger
    Boulder Shambhala Center

  14. It’s so sad news to hear about the cancellation…. Sincerely wish in the very near future that H.H. Karmapa can visit anywhere freely… not only
    USA, Europe…but also please consider coming to
    Taiwan SOON. Lot of us are expecting for H.H.Karmap visiting soon too!!

  15. Very disappointing. But, there is a positive side, if people can get past the emotional response which is; DO SOMETHING! Ask questions, write letters, inquire with your government’s not just as Dharma practitioners but as concerned citizens. Its your right to know and its HIS right to be set free as he does not belong to India. Mantra’s are not going to change this situation but action will. If you really wish for a change – DO IT! The power of unity is the key in this situation. The Dharma will prevail!

  16. Please,
    practice patience with this and have compassion for those who are obstructing the peace and freedom of all

  17. Why? We need to see Karmapa!

  18. we must practice harder and chanting more ‘om tare tutare ture soha ‘ do more good thing and pray more to Buddha Boddhisattvas to bless H.H.Karmapa and all sentient beings . I also love H.H.K so much , i still no chance to see Him , I want to see Karmapa !!!

  19. […] was released by the Coordinator of the Karmapa’s proposed European visit, Ringu Tulku on his website. Dear Dharma […]

  20. […] to say as to where we’re at as Tibetan Buddhists, especially in light of the cancellation of the 17th Karmapa’s European […]

  21. Isn’t it a bit strange that the decison was communicated to the tibetan governement and not to the karmapa himself or his administration?

    Apparently the indian government doesn’t consider the HH karmapa as a suitable interlocutor.

    Or it’s like in the old days; The Tibetan governement does whatever he can to undermine HH Karmapa.

  22. There are many strange things about this situation.

  23. hi we the people in india and all around world want to have a good times and always happy to where we wish and like to go and have to.its our desire when it takes by other than what you thought and think for .
    its 100% same to His Holiness the 17th KARMAPA Ogyen Trinley Dorjee have no any right to go ,its not a roam and for happiness its for all setient being and to meet privious disciple and student.its 101%for a religious not a political matter ,

  24. I think it was problemed throw by exile tibetan goverment because there wasnt any reason indian goverment cancelled visit to europe his holiness.

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