Posted by: francoish | April 7, 2010

A message from His Holiness

A Statement from the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa, Ogyen Trinley Dorje

I know that the Co-ordinator of Karmapa in Europe 2010, has already notified everyone that my proposed visit has had to be cancelled for reasons beyond my control. I was very much looking forward to meeting with my European students, visiting  your dharma centres, giving teachings, and having the opportunity to gain first-hand experience and  insight into the great variety of European life and culture.

I was wholeheartedly preparing for this visit so you will understand  that I too was sad and  disappointed  when I learned  that  I would not be able to come this time. However, I hope that this is merely a  temporary setback and that I will definitely  be able to visit Europe in the near future.

It remains for me to express my gratitude to Ringu Tulku and all of you in the different countries and dharma centres who have worked so hard to prepare for the visit. Please be assured that your work has not been in vain or wasted.  By these efforts, you have planted a powerful seed and when it reaches fruition my intention to come to Europe will be fulfilled.

Meanwhile, my aspiration and vision remain firm. I am determined  to follow in the footsteps of the 16th Gyalwang  Karmapa,  renewing  connections  with  long-standing students  and forging  a closer relationship with all my European friends,  past, present and future.

17th Gyalwang Karmapa,

Ogyen Trinley Dorje,

Gyuto Tantric University,

Himachal Pradesh,


7th April, 2010



  1. […] […]


      This is an urgent call for help! Please join me in an ambitious global campaign to free His Holiness the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa from confinement in India. Please read and sign this petition and send it to EVERYONE you know. The Karmapa needs international support now!

      We, as a unified voice can prevent further confinement of this young spiritual teacher and create the causes for his freedom. For further reference, take a look at my website. Contribute your voice and watch as we make history! For the benefit all beings!

      The Roaring Lions, Fearless Proclamation


      • sorry to disturb, pls call any Kagyu centre or email them the above – Sign The Petition- Free Karmapa, i try a few times enter the Google Youtube and try to sent email to Kagyu center in other place , but i just can’t , sorry…. we must work harder 🙂

  2. We will look forward to your visit whenever it is.
    If you cannot come to us I will save all my money to come to the Monlam to see you again.
    Thank you!

  3. Why doesn’t his holiness come and claim refugee status in Canada, it would be easy and he would not have to put up with Indian/Chinesse politics.

  4. Sorry to hear His Holiness will not be able to come this summer. Is there anything we in the west can do to facilitate his travel plans, such as petitioning the Indian government?

    • Hmm…Is it because India government don’t like Europe countries ? look like India government like to make enemy because they always not allow H.H.K go other countries .

  5. Blessings from the beautiful Hawaii islands.
    Canada has the great, fortunate opportunity to grant refugee status to His Holiness, thereby enabling His Holiness to travel swiftly as needed.
    We pray that obstacles will be removed gracefully and that His Holiness will soon visit all the places on our wonderous planet, spreading Dharma and guiding Beings.
    With much Love and Aloha,

  6. Mother India knows that she has a great Bodhisattva residing on her blessed land.
    It is human ignorance, fear, greed, manipulation and corruption that causes suffering in our world.
    May the daughters and sons of Mother India apply great clarity and compassion in this regard, enabling His Holiness to travel as he pleases, for the benefit of all Beings.
    Om Tat Sat
    May Peace Prevail

    • I so much agree with Marianna that it’s people who may create such obstacles. I can only add by citing Albert Einstein – “Great spirits have always encountered violent oppostion from mediocre minds.”
      Peace, love and light to everyone,
      Om Mani Padme Hum

  7. I am also very sorry you can’t make it this time. BUT I also heard seats for your talks were being sold at OUTRAGEOUS prices: seats close to you were being sold for hundreds of euros per piece. And I am sure on top of that you were going to ask for “donations” for a couple of monks in a monastery in a place faraway??
    Please, this has to stop. You are truly a wonderful tulku and terton, but this is not the way to go around….
    Book-lady, Cucu, cucu, etc. etc. from Netherlands

    • first , sorry for my poor english . you know they need money for flight tickets , accomodation, rental fee for dhamma talk place ? even they borrow the place from temple still need to pay some , you think every thing is free of charge? my mother is a volunteer to help set up dhamma activities in Malaysia, people who not involve in this hard job always said like what you said ,my mum do all this free about since she set up the buddhist ‘club’ in my hometown 20 years ago , this years she got rich experiennce in it . i saw it with my own eye . i saw many dhamma friends cried because to find the money to set up activities so hard , some buddhist college no money to pay the monk teacher , some buddhist ‘club’ no enough money to pay the full time employee, some time my mum do this job very stress and helpless , i m very sire i unable to do such volunteer job , so hard to find money . pls do some search and help set up the activities before you said that words

      • I just find it ridiculous that the “best seats” go to the people with most money or to those who dress in most red and yellow, especially since this is not a business meeting!

        I agree with Aiya: many people barely have the money to be able to go and attend a lecture, since they are VERY expensive and then those lamas on top of the entrance fee also want donations and many centres actually force the people to give huge donations.
        You have to choose, Karmapa: either do it the Tibetan way: only ask donations and no entrance fee; or the Western way: only ask entrance fees. You simply can’t have both.

      • Rosa, how old are you? Have you ever tried working or helped in organizing any event? Any idea how expensive travelling cost? When HH Karmapa visited the States, the lamas has to pay for all the CIA agents, all the police, guards…etc at the request of the US Government – to protect HH Karmapa. You travel to India and see HH Karmapa – that is free, lama doesn’t take unwilling/ unnecessary donations.
        Lamas try to accommodate all students, they cannot standardize ticket fees. Some are below costs and naturally, some has to be more expensive.

    • Any body who can set up a free tour for a lama (or a retinue) is very welcomed to do so.

      But you migth also be rigth. Rich people never understand that someone is poor.
      And sadly not even poor people are able to arange teachings free of charge.

      • Exactly, and all lamas seem to think we are filth-rich, but it is them who are and many Tibetans are a lot richer than you and me and they only want to receive and not give.

  8. Politics is a sensitive situation, primarily driven by fear and intimidation.

    I am sad you cannot come to Europe, your teachings are profound and a different tune from what they normally listen to and hear.

    I know that the costs are very high to fund a trip to deliver your teachings to Europe, as well as the difficulties in dealing with political pressures.

    I do hope you can visit Canada, and teach here, you have many students who would greatly benefit from a visit.

    As a Nyingmapa I find your teachings very sonorous and easy to understand.

    My intentions go out to you, may your teachings flourish.

  9. […] Holiness today issued a statement in response.  It is in full below: I know that the Co-ordinator of Karmapa in Europe 2010, has […]

  10. when we had trouble in Monlam broadcasting with streaming we used to chant Karmapa Khenyo and refresh our pages and all was working good again – why not do the same now? HHK 17 will arrive Europe before 2010 pass – keep it strong in your mind and you shall see …. love and light from Mexico

  11. the rental fee is very high now at all countries especially for big hall , i help some in Taiwan

  12. Your Holiness,
    I am looking foreward to meet you in Europe somewhere, may be even here in Finland!
    I feel to have a strong bond with your predecessor, His Holiness the 16th Karmapa, who has had a major impact on my life. Likewise, I have felt a bond with Your Holiness along the first photos that reached me. Thank you for being there with us!
    May your wishes come true!
    Yours sincerely, Eeva Raaste

  13. Your HolinessThe Gyalwang Karmapa
    our Precius Beloved Refuge

    Your Holiness
    are here with us in our heart our devotion and gratitude in blessing, but we for sure most of all would be so very thankfull for the day Your Holiness does land in Europe again, wich we have been waiting for over 33 years, since last time.
    We were all ready to recive You and the sad news came, afterall permission not given for Yoru Holiness to come to us.
    Sad sad sad it is, but we allso are sure that Ypur Holiness will be abel to come soon to Europe and us all,
    Your Holinness,
    we await You in devotion and gratitude paitiently,
    we pray and hope and wishe sincerly that soon they will aloud Your Holinnes to come to us,
    how can they not,
    You The Gywlang Karmapa,
    Our Beloved Heart Guru ,
    they cant keep blocking Your Buddha activety ,
    they cant, its a crime.

    Soon we recive You im sure, prayers works, Buddha activety prevail, and we are here sincerly waiting paitiiently with all our devotion and gratitude for You.

    We love You so

    Ani Ea

  14. I am sure:
    The 17. Palden Gyalwang Karmapa will be able to come soon to Europe. He is like a sun, he is for all sentient beeings. The organisations for this event in europe brings diffrent buddhist groups together in Berlin Germany.
    I am very happy to live in that good time
    with the sun Karmapa in the sky :O))

  15. I agree with Aiya: many people barely have the money to be able to go and attend a lecture, since they are VERY expensive and then those lamas on top of the entrance fee also want donations and many centres actually force the people to give huge donations.
    You have to choose, Karmapa: either do it the Tibetan way: only ask donations and no entrance fee; or the Western way: only ask entrance fees. You simply can’t have both.

  16. Main goal of Karmapa’s visit should be dharma-contact with people in other faraway places, NOT raising money for monks in India in Tibet, who already have their expenses covered anyway, contrary to many people I know that would like to attend Karmapa’s lectures.


    • Good Luck to Singapore ! I heard India government have good relation with Singapore government, hope H.H.K can visit Singapore very soon, some politician in Singapore are buddhist too , we all wait and see … sorry I m not going to uprising politic issue here , but really can’t understand what happen in the government! His Holiness not India citizen , not belong to India, Karmapa so kind to India society , but India government let all of us dissappoint and sad, a vast number of Buddhist from the whole world very angry , i don’t want to buy India product and never eat Indian food any more

  18. we are deeply conected anyway, no need to worry!! love,


  19. Having lived in India near the high Rinpoches in Rumtek Sikkim, I have a fairly good idea of what is going on. Instead of bickering about entry fees to the teachings, people in the West should be racking their brains about how to find a way to bring His Holiness to Europe. And also think about why he hasn’t been forbidden to travel to America two years ago?
    I am of the opinion that if a serious legal petition circulated among the Kagyu centers in all Europe, signed by Europeans followers of all walks of life, and presented to the Minister of Home Affairs in Delhi, that may have an effect.
    This is just an idea.

  20. Hello Your Holiness,
    This is my first in actually communicating w/ You. I am saddened by the news. But somehow it shows that You are very humble, patient, and a good citizen, too. These are strengths of the courageous and sincere. Don’t worry Your Holiness. You will be alright. I truly believe that. Streams with little colorful pebbles are more beautiful.. 🙂
    May You be healthy, happy, and peaceful always.
    I hope I will be able to meet You in person.. soon.

  21. Your Holiness, we love You so much , I miss You every day , I start to learn how to use computer is because I want to know You. though I’ m stay in Asia, but I strongly wish You will go Europe and stay there at lease 2 or 3 months .hope India government will not let Your devotees from the whole world dissappoint again, Buddha bless India government to be more wise and liberal . Hope can see you in near future .

  22. Hey people have faith! His Holiness make that is must to do in the right time… we just have to practice the Holy Dharma and pray… Karmapa Chenno…
    and i wish one day visit Greece too…

  23. Free Ogyen Trinley Dorje – His Holiness The 17th Karmapa

    Global Petition to the Government of India – Free His Holiness the Karmapa!

  24. […] While “sad and disappointed” about the news he is still determined. I can imagine how disappointed our European friends our, especially all those who have been organizing the tour. I am sure your opportunity will come.  I would like to make this small offering of some of my favorite images of His Holiness Karmapa’s 2008 America tour which I had to good fortune to cover. […]

  25. Free Ogyen Trinley Dorje – His Holiness The 17th Karmapa

  26. Kamapa Chenno

  27. Gratitude to H.H.Gyalwang 17th Karmapa,for his profound compassion towards all sentient beings.
    Gratitude to Ringo Tulku for his kindness in organising this vist.
    Thank you to all the people who helped.
    May all the obstacles be swiftly removed so all His Holiness wishes may be fulfilled.

  28. We are receiving a SEPARATE mail from a foundation in Holland to gather money for Yushu.
    This is good. Karmapa should not be asking us for money for such purposes when he visits here.
    We should not feel pressured to give money for such purposes while being with K. and just having gotten all the money together to travel there and to be with him.

    Same can be done with the fundraising for K’s visit: send mails to do fundraising for his coming to Europe and FORGET about the “400 dollar per close seat” bullshit!! and EVEN about the “wearing red robes for a close seat” nonsense!!

    • Hallo Rosa, I think you are in somewhere in Europe country now……you have a right to say if you don`t want. Don`t get angry and cool down. I think it is not must if you don`t to donate or 400 dollar for seat for teaching. We buddhism are not forcing anyone to do so…..we beleive in karma and main thing is the way of your thinking. HH Karmapa Rinpoche is our Lama…and i think organiser are inviting HHKR and nowadays everything are expensive for example; Hall and we must pay for the entrance fee. HHKR is not putting all this money in his pocket…what he have …he is doing for good cause. I am Tibetan and i must pay entrance fee if i want to attend the teaching.

      If aiya mother doing volunteer so much hard work for dharma then i will say good for her….she will get the good results anytime maybe next life.

  29. H H Karmapa dont worry The Earth is with you we are watching Long Live H H Karmapa

  30. Your Holiness,
    This is my first time communicating with you. I stay in Singapore and had long wished that one day will have a chance to meet you in person.

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